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Our Story
Doce Mezcal is founded by women who share a mutual passion and appreciation for the rich history and rituals that mezcal brings to life.
We were starting to expect more out of our beverages, and set out to create a spirit that reflected the next phase on our journey to more conscious consumption.
The founders of Doce Mezcal standing together, smiling and holding bottles of Doce Mezcal.
“Mezcal is a true gift from the earth,
it’s dynamic, filled with heat and created with passion and tradition”
Portrait of the Blas family
Doce Mezcal is artisanally produced in the hills of Oaxaca alongside a third-generation family-owned distillery, led by Matriarch & Maestra Mezcalera, Margarita Blas. Together, we share the same vision of wanting to hold ourselves, (and our drinks) to a higher standard.
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